• ATN MARS 4 4K 4.5-18xThermal riflescope

ATN is proud to announce the ATN Mars 4, the most advanced thermal platform on the planet, put into an ergonomic and easy to use rifle scope.

Featuring a next generation high definition thermal sensor, and lenses reaching up to 40x, nothing can compare to the thermal scopes detection range, which is over 3 kilometers.

It also features an ultra fast dual core processor which lets you take full advantage of its recoil activated video, social media compatibility, bluetooth and WiFi compatibility, and a ballistic calculator featuring a one shot zero.

It also features a rugged design which lets you do everything you need to do without worrying about getting your thermal rifle scope wet, and an eighteen hour battery life means your scope will last as long as you need it to.

Core; ATN Obsidian IV Dual Core T

Micro Display; 1280x720 HD Display

Eye relief; 90 mm

Video Record Resolution; 1280x960 @ 30/60 fps

Ballistic Calculator; Yes

WiFi; (Streaming, Gallery, & Controls) iOS & Android

Bluetooth; Yes

3D Gyroscope; Yes

3D Accelerometer; Yes

E-Barometer; Yes

Smart Range Finder; Yes

RAV (Recoil Activated Video); Yes

Electronic Compass; Yes

Smooth Zoom; Yes

Reticles; Multiple Patterns & Color Options

Microphone; Yes

Micro SD card; 4 to 64 Gb

Micro USB, type C; Yes

Mount 30 mm Standard Rings (included)

Battery life (Li-ion) 18 + hrs


OUR PRICE £2650.00

RRP £3669.99

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ATN MARS 4 4K 4.5-18xThermal riflescope

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