Clay Shoots, Events & Results

We hold clay shoots regularly on our special purpose shooting grounds here in Chawleigh. If you are interested in joining us for the day, contact us or give us a call on 01769 580039.

The shoots are available for beginners as well as experienced shooters.

The table below shows our upcoming shoots.

£15 for first 50 bird card,  £10  re -entry.

2018 DATES!!! 

Entries open at 11am, last entries at 2pm.

Sunday 11th March

Chawleigh, EX18 7EX

Sunday 8th April

Saturday 28th April

Chawleigh, EX18 7EX

Chawleigh, EX18 7EX

Shop Open Day

Sunday 13th MayBunson, EX18 7DU

Sunday 10th JuneChawleigh, EX18 7EX

Sunday 8th JulyBunson, EX18 7DU

Sunday 12th AugustChawleigh, EX18 7EX

Sunday 2nd September

Sunday 23rd September

Bunson, EX18 7DU

Chawleigh, EX18 7EX

Eddy's Memorial Shoot

Sunday 14th OctoberBunson, EX18 7DU

Sunday 4th November

Wednesday 7th November

Sunday 25th November

Chawleigh EX18 7EX

Chawleigh, EX18 7EX

Bunson, EX18 7DU

Night Vision Evening 5pm-9pm

Christmas Shoot

Recent Results

November 26th

Christmas Shoot 

November 5th

October 8th

September 24th
Eddys Memorial Shoot
September 3rd 

High Gun - Richard Chapple (67)

Open 1st - Guy Tucker (67)

Open 2nd - John Putt (66)

Intermediate 1st - Sebastian Haste (53)

Intermediate 2nd - Philip Harris (52)

High Gun - Andy Heard (48)

Open 1st - Dean Martin (47)
Open 2nd - Alex Brett (45)

Intermediate 1st - Charlie Edwards (41)
Intermediate 2nd - Martin Sayers (41)

Novice 1st - Charlie Greenway (38)

Novice 2nd - Nick Johns (33)

High Gun - Richard Chapple (45)

Open 1st - Simon Mather (43)
Open 2nd - Clive Warren (41)

Intermediate 1st - Paul Thomas (37)

Intermediate 2nd - Martin Sayers (32)

Novice 1st - Robert Sanderson (36)

Novice 2nd - Paul Raymont (34)

Congratulations to George Balman on winning the trophy!!

High Gun - George Balman (39)

Open 1st - Tom Cole (38)
Open 2nd - Roger Westaway (38)

Intermediate 1st - Darren Cartwright (36)
Intermediate 2nd - Rob Pinn (34)

Novice 1st - Glen Farley (32)
Novice 2nd - Henry Williams (31)

Pool Shoot - Paul Borer (10)

High Gun - Andy Heard (42)

Open 1st - Richard Huxtable (37)
Open 2nd - John Nott (35)

Intermediate 1st - Peter Haywood (36)
Intermediate 2nd - Josh Noon (25)

Novice 1st - Will Elsworthy (28)

Novice 2nd - Nick Ring (24)

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