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Blue Fox Open Day 2018

Blue Fox Open Day 2018

Saturday 28th April 2018 from 09.00

Edgar Brothers - Zoli, CZ and Hornaday

GMK - Beretta, Sako and Tikka

Viking Arms - Ruger and 


Thomas Jacks - Pulsar, Yukon and Gerbor

Ray Trade - Remington and Marlin


Ruag - Begara, Bettinsoli and Norma


So Country

Cliff Runner


30 Bird Sporting

Air Rifle Range

Demonstration Shot Guns

Demonstration BSA Air Rifles

Refreshments available all day..

Monies raised will be donated to Devon Air Ambulance

Blue Fox Open Day 2017

We had a very successful Open Day welcoming many new and existing customers.

As most of you are aware now we have opened up a new viewing room with many of our stock now viewable.

Our refreshment stand made an amazing £253.53 which has been donated to the Devon Air Ambulance.

We would like to thank each and everyone of you that made our Open Day very successful!

Our next open day will be Saturday 28th April 2018 at the shop in Chawleigh.

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